Calm, happy, safe, competent

This incredible post has so much, so much, so much. But the words that I have copied and pasted into my daily notes are: “calm, happy, safe, competent”. Beautiful advice to any parent on how to nurture a child, and I think I already infuse these elements of goodness into my children, but having some words to focus on can be a useful guide.

It echos an article I read recently about intractable epilepsy, outlining a paper that researched the factors that affect an epileptic child’s quality of life. Some of the factors they examined were things like types of seizures, duration, other disabilities, etc. but, in conclusion, they underline that those with strong familial and peer support had more favourable outcomes. The seizures themselves were of less importance:

Analysis of these data found that peer support, parental support, and mental health had the greatest effect on QoL, with seizure status exerting “a weak, indirect effect on QoL only through the child’s mental health.”

Um, isn’t that sort of amazing? Or is it obvious? I can’t tell. But it is at the very least, an extremely important aspect of this life, this life in raising a special needs kid.