Row, row, row your boat

All is sunny in 2015. Steady she goes (sorta), stay the course (mostly), onwards and upwards (definitely).

A’s doing well – bright-eyed and bouncing. Still multiple daily seizures – some weeks are worse than others, but generally it’s been alright. It still really sucks, but it’s alright.

Myself – I’ve been tense, but in a good way, like the way you feel right before jumping into a lake. A starts junior kindergarten soon and with that a whole shift in our little universe. Though really, “soon” is looking more like a year from now, so that is not actually soon. But arranging supports and support staff for Mr. A takes time, months, so we start the ball rolling now.

Lots of thoughts lately. Mostly judging the line between pushing harder, expecting more and letting be, enjoying what there is. Both are important. Both are necessary.

Lately, I spend a lot of time thinking about how to achieve more time. Lately, I spend a lot of time not in the moment, which reminds me to someday practice being in the moment. Lately, I feel so fulfilled at how interesting and never-endingly-endless my days have become.