As a new dimension to the prism of life that is life with A on the interwebs, and because I use to be a musician, and because I’ve recently become obsessed with podcasts, and for other reasons… some known, some unknown, I will soon be offering the content of this blog in audio-form, as well as written.

To start, they will simply be narrated blog posts, but I expect they will become peppered with family sounds, life sounds, maybe some music from hubs and I… maybe none of these things and instead just quiet tea-sipping in the late, reflection-y nighttime.

If this sounds interesting to you, I just added a little form over on the sidebar —> where you can enter your email address and add yourself to a mailing list of sorts, which I may or may not use, but seems like a good thing to start up, as I stretch myself out into the spaces that exist.

Celebrations are visual, aural, emotional. Life is so sensory… we do what we can on the internet to warm one another, feel each other’s stories, send out light, and grow the love.